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US Army Airborne basic parachutist badge.gif

The Parachutist Badge, also commonly referred to as “Jump Wings” or “Silver Wings” is a military badge of the United States Armed Forces awarded to members of the United States ArmyAir ForceMarine Corps and Navy. The United States Coast Guard is the only branch that does not issue its own Parachutist Badge, but its members are authorized to receive the Parachutist Badges of other services in accordance with their prescribed requirements. The DoD military services are all awarded the same Basic Parachutist Badge. The Army and Air Force issue the same Senior and Master Parachutist Badges while the Navy and Marine Corps issue the Navy and Marine Corps Parachutist Badge to advanced parachutists. The majority of the services earn their Basic Parachutist Badge through the U.S. Army Airborne School.

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